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Hotels – instant access to over 45,000 2* - 5* hotels throughout the UK enabling us to find the most suitable location for your customers.  Utilising the extensive buying power of one of our key suppliers we can source the right hotel at guaranteed best rates.  We can make arrangements for dinner, parking and additional services where authorised to ensure the most comfortable stay for your customers and their families.

Serviced Apartments – Located in towns and cities around the Country and more suitable and cost effective for larger families where two or more hotel rooms would otherwise be required.  More of a home from home with own cooking and living facilities enabling the customer to relax in their own space.

Holiday Lets – Utilising a network of suppliers we can locate short term holiday accommodation which proves very cost effective, particularly during low season.  Well-appointed cottages and holiday homes and flats that provide all the customer’s needs whilst their home remains uninhabitable.  This type of accommodation is often located in more rural areas but we can obtain short term accommodation within the centre of London (often appropriate for HNW?).  

One of our suppliers has over 1000 properties across the UK in rural areas providing alternative options without the need for extensive travelling and most are pet and dog friendly accommodation that will allow a well behaved pet to stay.  Many of these locations have parking facilities for special cargo or unusually sized vehicles. We may also be able to arrange for vehicles of particular value to be parked in a secure and lockable location. 

Care Homes – Rapid Relocate has experience of arranging Care Home accommodation for those customers who require an additional level of care.  We are able to liaise with the customer and /or their family members to locate suitable accommodation to meet their needs.  We will arrange for representatives from the Home to visit the customer to establish the level of care that is required to be provided for the duration of their stay in order that costs can be confirmed and arrangements agreed.

Short Breaks - we have access to a variety of UK leisure breaks for 1 or 2 nights.  This can prove a suitable alternative when accommodation is at a premium in the customer’s postcode area for example during large sporting or entertainment events.  This can also give the customer an opportunity to spend a weekend with relatives in another part of the country or just to enjoy a break away during the stresses of being out of their own home.  Many of these breaks include dinner and other benefits such as a spa treatment or theatre tickets, subject of course to our Client’s approval.


Quality standards
AS you would expect we ensure that our suppliers have measurements in place to identify properties with an acceptable level of quality and those that are suitable for a client’s specific requirements.


Rapid Relocate - Alternative Accommodatin
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