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Rental Properties – where the customer’s home is going to be uninhabitable for a longer period a rental property is usually the best solution.  Rapid Relocate will discuss with the customer their specific needs and requirements taking into account for example location of their work, school, any pets, number of rooms required and then we will liaise with local estate agents to source the most suitable properties which are available.  

To meet legal requirements, we liaise with the customer and the agents to arrange viewings for the customer prior to them accepting any property.  Once a suitable property is located and approved, we maintain contact with all parties whilst credit and referencing checks are performed on the customer, ensure the deposit and all necessary frees are paid in time and manage the process on a monthly basis making the appropriate ongoing rental payments.  

Where required we can arrange for delivery and installation of temporary furniture, managing the removals and any storage of customers’ furniture and belongings as necessary.

At the end of the tenancy we arrange for notice to be served in good time and for the security deposit to be returned to the correct party.


Rapid Relocate - Alternative Accommodatin
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