Rapid Relocate believe that our performance as an alternative accommodation provider, primarily to the insurance industry, will be measured not only by our profitability as a business but also by our impact on the environment. External stakeholder expectations in this area are increasing. Meeting these expectations and our regulatory and legal obligations will require us to report on our progress to protect the environment, implement actions that reduce our impacts, engage and involve our staff and report on our environmental activities. We also have a responsibility to work with our suppliers to minimise the environmental impact of our supply chain thus we have a separate Sustainable Procurement Policy to which we ask our suppliers to subscribe. This policy outlines the approach that will be taken in order to ensure that natural resources are used prudently, that there is effective protection of the environment whilst ensuring the efficient use of resources and delivery of long term value for money for the company and our business sector as a whole.

Key policy statement

Rapid Relocate Ltd will embed the principles of sustainability within its culture and ensure that employees make every effort within their sphere of control to minimise any adverse effect of the Company on the environment.

Key Objectives

Rapid Relocate Ltd is aware of the potential impact on the environment and aims to reduce this through our commitment to: 

  • Being sensitive to Company activities, products and services and their environmental effects

  • Not using materials or energy that may have been produced in a wasteful manner

  • Ensuring disposal of waste materials is not carried out in a manner that would cause harm to the environment

  • Regularly reviewing the environmental impact of our activities, endeavour to reduce our overall environmental impact and prevent waste using best practice techniques; Eg

  • Turning off lights when not required;

  • Turning down heating levels;

  • Planning journeys to minimise the fuel used on Company business;

  • Co-operating with any recycling systems for waste paper, etc. that are introduced

  • Complying with all UK and EU statutory regulations and legislation and ensuring our suppliers do the same

  • Ensuring a commitment to continual improvement of environmental performance

  • Working with key suppliers to encourage them to develop environmental best practice;

  • Involving employees in our environmental programme and provide necessary training to enable them to discharge their responsibilities;

  • Communicating the policy to all staff, suppliers and partners

In 2017 we booked 75 years worth of long term rentals and 60 years worth of hotel bookings

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