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We aim to make the whole claim process as simple, swift and painless as possible...

We are conscious that we are often looking after YOUR customers - We follow the FCA’s ‘Treating Customers Fairly’ principles which mirror our own approach to customer service. We ensure that:


  • Our customers (and clients) can be confident that they are dealing with a company where the fair treatment of customers is central to the corporate culture

  • We provide our customers with clear information and that they are kept appropriately informed before, during and after the delivery of service

  • Where consumers receive advice, the advice we give is suitable and takes account of their circumstances

  • Customers are provided with products/services that are detailed/ confirmed, and the associated service is of an acceptable standard and as they have been led to expect

  • Customers do not face unreasonable barriers to making a complaint

We actively seek feedback from both clients and customers in our drive for continual improvement – and to date both our internal feedback and IPSOS Mori research has shown a consistently positive response (indeed over the last 12 months we have only received 6 complaints).


Vulnerable Customers
Our strategy is also built upon a detailed understanding of customer priorities, behaviours and needs at the outset of the claim when alternative accommodation providers get involved. This is normally at the time of greatest stress and uncertainty and we are determined to make alternative accommodation a simple solution that takes away the worry and concern from the customer. 

We have specific policies and procedures in place with regard to vulnerable customers. We consider a vulnerable customer to be someone who requires additional care and support due to individual circumstances (and indeed it can be argued that anyone needing to vacate their homes, or have need of other accommodation services, is already in a vulnerable position).

Rapid Relocate make it an utmost priority to ensure all our staff are capable of identifying vulnerable customers, and that they are able to handle the situation with the required levels of care, attention and respect. Our system allows us to flag vulnerable customers to ensure they continue to require the level of care throughout their relationship with Rapid Relocate.  We ensure other relevant parties to the claim, such as loss adjusters, are notified of any vulnerabilities whilst at all times being mindful how we share and communicate this information.

Rapid Relocate - Alternative Accommodatin
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