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Blog post March 2023:

Providing Exceptional Customer Experiences


The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has taken a revolutionary step forward in its expectations of firms by introducing a new Consumer Principle. You’re probably already very familiar with this new duty which requires firms to act with a fierce determination to deliver outstanding outcomes for retail customers. This represents a paradigm shift in the regulator's approach and clearly indicates their unwavering commitment to ensuring the highest standard of customer care and protection.


Our DELIGHT values and customer-centric culture align well with these rules. We have an opportunity to work together within the claims supply chain to rise to the challenge and make a real difference in the lives of our customers. We can do this by collaboratively reviewing our products, touchpoints, communications and end-to-end claim journey and considering changes in governance and accountability, MI and reporting, and service and staff training.

We've mapped our AA (alternative accommodation) customer journey and are ready to collaborate with our clients and supply chain to overlay journeys and contribute to the measures to ensure good outcomes for customers.


But the Consumer Duty is not just about protecting customers from harm; it's also about empowering them. We must also ensure we have robust systems and controls in place to manage any potential risks to customers and ensure that any complaints are handled quickly and effectively. Consumers must trust that their complaints will be taken seriously and receive fair treatment.


This is not a one-off compliance exercise but a continuous process we must embed into our business practices. We are challenging ourselves to proactively and systematically monitor and review our customer outcomes, gathering actionable insights from the customer journey to take steps to improve outcomes where necessary.


We want to be the best in our industry, but not at any price. We are committed to being a responsible business, running that business in a manner that both employees and suppliers can be proud of.

We would love to help you. Contact us today for help with all your alternative accommodation needs.

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